7x24 Central Virginia Scholarship

7×24 Exchange International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by mission critical industry professionals. Members are as diverse as the industry itself and include firms within industries such as aerospace, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, media, technology, and more. 7×24 Exchange International is committed to addressing the challenges of energy efficiency and sustainability. The 7×24 Central Virginia Scholarship is for students interested in digital technologies, equipment and systems, data centers, and associated service and support activities.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a sophomore or higher
  • Have a 2.7 GPA or above
  • Submit an essay answering why are you interested in working in the data center business or digital technologies, equipment and systems, and associated service and support activities
    • Please add your essay to the document that includes your personal statement and Resume

Scholarship recipients are encouraged to apply for an internship with 7×24 Exchange. Please contact Engineering Career Services to learn about 7×24 Exchange opportunities.

Students who are offered this award must complete a brief post-offer survey before the award will be distributed.

College of Engineering