Drs. Billy L. Stump and Raphael M. Ottenbrite Fellowship in Chemistry

This scholarship was established to honor the teaching, scholarship and mentoring of Billy Stump, Ph.D., (posthumous) and Raphael Ottenbrite, Ph.D., former professors of chemistry at VCU. This is a renewable fellowship designated for a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry who is a U.S. citizen, who is in good academic standing and who is enrolled in the department at the time the funds are disbursed. Preference will be given to a graduate student who intends to pursue a career in industry.

*Please note: *If the current recipient is renewed per the terms of this scholarship, applications to the current cycle will not be considered. We do encourage applications during each cycle should the current recipient not be renewed.

College of Humanities and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a personal statement addressing your interest in chemistry as a course of study.
  2. Do you plan to pursue a career in industry?