VCU School of Education Student Emergency Fund

The VCU School of Education Emergency Fund is designed to provide one-time financial assistance with an emergency or unexpected expense that may hinder a SOE student’s progress toward a degree. Students will be eligible to receive funds, not to exceed $500, one time during an academic year (fall or spring semesters only) and priority will be given to students whose tenure at the university may be at risk due to an emergency situation. Please note funds may be subject to federal and/or state taxes and may affect your financial aid package. Emergency fund awards do not need to be repaid. All funds are deposited to a student’s account, utilizing a one-time stipend payment. The student must be able to demonstrate good faith efforts to pursue and utilize other funding options, resources, and eligible programs (e.g. insurance, free or low-cost services readily available, relatives) prior to application, and the student must fully complete the application and provide all supporting documentation of the financial hardship. Additional documentation may be required upon review.

Please carefully review the list of permissible uses for these emergency fund to be certain that the expense is allowable.

Up to $500
School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. SOE Emergency Fund Question Set
    • Do you have supporting documentation (proof of the expense or loss, rental agreement, letters of support from persons directly involved, proof of medical expense, etc.)? Please detail the nature of your documentation here and email to
    • Please describe how the application of these emergency funds will assist your progress toward completing your degree.
    • Please describe why you are requesting emergency funding. Be specific about the factors which led to this emergency and how the funds will be used.
    • Please detail the other attempts that you have made to resolve this emergency.
    • What is the exact total cost of the emergency? How much are you requesting ($500 max)