E. Eugene Carter Foundation Opportunity Award

The E. Eugene Carter Foundation provides up to $20,000 of subsidized Stafford loan repayment upon completion of a bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering at VCU.

The Foundation primarily provides financial support for undergraduate female engineering students at public universities, with a focus upon students who (1) are of Latina origin, recent immigrants, first generation to college; (2) have sophomore standing; (3) have demonstrated financial need.

The Carter Opportunity Awards provide funds to public universities to repay federal direct subsidized loans upon completion of an awardee’s undergraduate degree in engineering. VCU’s collaboration with the Foundation began in 2020.

More information about the E. Eugene Carter Foundation and this award is available here:

The College of Engineering at VCU follows the guidelines below to make this award:

  • The award is administered as a by-invitation apply-to award
  • First priority in awarding goes to
    • Female students with Hispanic ethnicity
    • First-generation-to-college students and/or immigrants/children of immigrants
    • Students in their second year (sophomore level)
  • Further preference shall be given to students who
    • Have a federal work-study job on campus
    • Seek academic support and mentoring and/or
    • Are mentors or tutors to other students.
  • No minimum grade point average except as VCU policies set as graduation requirements.

By completing an application you agree that if you are offered this award you will complete the post-acceptance questionnaire, and authorize the College of Engineering to share your responses and contact information with the Carter Foundation.

Recipients will be offered the award in their sophomore or junior year, with loan repayment made after graduation. Loan repayment may have tax implications for the recipient.

  • The Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering will monitor the student’s progress towards degree completion and meet with the student during the final graduation semester to finalize award processes.
  • Academic Affairs will verify degree conferral, and obtain final total subsidized Stafford loan balance, as well as details on loan agency, from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Academic Affairs will provide the Engineering Foundation Business Office the information from financial aid of the recipient’s information in a timely manner to pay the student’s lender.
  • The Engineering Foundation Business Office will provide the Chief Tax Accountant a copy of the loan balance and a W-9 form for each recipient. The student and the loan agency will be set up as a vendor in the system. The university will do a manual adjust so the student will receive a 1099.

Loan repayment up to $20,000 max
College of Engineering