Dean's International Research Grant

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Created in 2006, the Dean’s International Research Grant program was started by the VCUarts Dean’s Office to fund students’ international exploration. That first year, six $1,000 grants were awarded to students. Today, up to ten $2,500 grants are awarded each year as the Dean’s Office continues to strive to support international travel and enforce the importance of a global perspective on creative and scholarly endeavors. The mission of the Grant is to help fund international travel that is not in conjunction with any credit bearing coursework or faculty led programs affiliated with the University. Although proposals for support of non-VCU faculty led programs will be considered, they are not encouraged. The Dean’s Office seeks proposals for independent travel that inform a student’s research and will provide an experience in relation to their creative or intellectual trajectory.

Students applying for the Dean’s International Research Grants must meet the following criteria:
1. A declared VCUarts undergraduate major enrolled full-time and considered a continuing student at the time of travel and travel reimbursement.
2. A current sophomore or junior in terms of credit hours earned (not including current in progress courses) at the time of application as described in the Bulletin or have at least one semester of required VCUarts courses to complete after the return from your proposed trip.
3. Have a cumulative VCU GPA of 3.0 and 3.5 in your major. This can be found on DegreeWorks.
4. Travel between the dates of 5/13/24 and 8/22/25.
5. Travel independently for academic and/or creative research outside of faculty led, credit bearing programs.
6. Approved grant recipients will need to go through the ITAC petition process if you are planning on traveling to a Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisory country upon award. Additionally, all recipients will also need to complete a general travel registry through the Education Abroad office.

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