Student Professional Development and Travel Fund in Forensic Science

The Graduate Student Professional Development Scholarship in Forensic Science will be awarded to an outstanding second year graduate student in the Department of Forensic Science in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The scholarship will fund expenses associated with attendance, including meals, travel and lodging as funds permit. The student must be eligible for student affiliate membership in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and have an abstract accepted for presentation (oral or poster) at the AAFS meeting. Professional development opportunities other than the AAFS conference may be considered by the committee. The student must have a record of exceptional performance in research that has the potential to impact the field of forensic science.

College of Humanities and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a double-spaced essay of no more than 700 words briefly describing the applicant's forensic science research and how it has impacted or will be expected to impact the field and/or practitioner community. The essay should include information about your research project, any related activities or laboratory responsibilities, achievements, products or anticipated products of your research, and a description of current impact or anticipated impact
  2. Submit a curriculum vita showing your research, teaching and service to date.
  3. Upload a copy of your submitted abstract
  4. Submit a copy of notification of your abstract acceptance
  5. Upload a letter from your research mentor/PI to address your role in the research project, related duties and/or responsibilities, work ethic, professionalism and potential.