Summer 2016 Humanities and Sciences Pre-Accelerator Program

The Humanities and Sciences Pre-Accelerator Program is a 12-week program being led by VCU Innovation Gateway in the Office of Research and Innovation, and provides guidance, accountability and investor connections to student startups at VCU. Through a structured approach of weekly group discussions, mentor sessions, and pre-work deliverables, start-ups will walk away with the skills needed to validate their business idea, a clear understanding of the customer development strategy, completed market and competitive analysis, a minimum viable product, and an investor-ready pitch deck.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a document addressing the following questions about your business:
    1) Describe your idea, product or company.
    2) What problem does it solve or what need does it meet?
    3) Who are your customers and how large is this opportunity? Describe to whom you will be selling this product and the size of that market.
    4) What is your competitive advantage? Describe why your product is superior to your competitors, or the solution your customer is currently using to solve the problem.
    5) How will you make money? Please note if you have already generated revenue.
    6) Where are you in development of this project? Are you in the idea phase or have you already moved forward? For example, have you developed a minimum viable product or prototype, received customer feedback, generated revenue and/or signed up any initial customers?
    7) Do you have an co-founders or are you working with any other team members? If so, how many?